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Or would you like to organize Nexus events yourself? Also on topics other than neuroscience? Science enthusiasts, communicators and teachers will find material and instructions to do it themselves.

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Brain Quiz

For all those who are curious about the brain: We came up with these questions (and answers) about the brain for a pub quiz at the Bernstein Workshop in Freiburg. There’s a pub quiz somewhere in every town and you can certainly ask the questions there – or organize your own brain quiz! One or two questions are also suitable for the classroom.

Brain Quiz: Questions and answers

How do I plan a Science Jam?

The Science Jam is the science/art experiment per excellence, a petri dish for ideas from artists who are passionate about science and scientists who are passionate about art. How to prepare a jam:

Science Jam guide

Role play: Ethics committee

With these instructions and the role cards, you and a group will learn about the ethical discussion surrounding the use of neurotechnologies in patients. This case is about deep brain stimulation: should a patient have to forego this treatment because of the side effects? The ethics committee should decide. This role play is well suited for ethics lessons, for example.

Role cards and instructions


Would you like to plan an evening in which you get to grips with a science fiction fantasy? How realistic is the phaser, beaming or the holodeck? Here you can read how to organize such an evening:

Reality Check Guide

A project by