Nexus Experiments conceives and organizes innovative projects and events with the aim of reflecting on the social and ethical-normative implications of research and technology. The initiative offers actors from science and society a joint platform for bidirectional knowledge transfer with an experimental character, often inspired by artistic formats.

In participatory events and projects, researchers, different target groups of the public and artists enter into a dialog.


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Like philosophers
and philosophers
the brain and
the neurosciences

The brain is often seen as the place of consciousness, personality, individuality, thought and action, or even as the materialization of the subject. As neuroscientific research has grown since the mid-1980s, new possibilities have emerged for observing and influencing processes in the brain. As a result, many old philosophical questions were asked anew: Is everything mental reducible to brain activity? How is the brain connected to the different dimensions of our selfhood? Are we free or not?

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At first glance, science and art appear to be two separate disciplines that do not have much in common. They used to be and are now more closely linked again. […] Where the scientist tries to describe and explain the world objectively, the artist wants to recreate it from his subjective experience, question it, create it anew. In view of the growing specialization and differentiation of the so-called exact sciences and the development of their own methods in the humanities and cultural sciences, the author and physicist C.P. Snow finally spoke in 1959, quite disillusioned, of the “two cultures” that were separated by a whole “ocean”.

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BioArt, SciArt, Digital Art,
Art and natural sciences
approach each other


For our activities
we need your participation

The core task of the Nexus Experiments project is to enable participation. Our audience should not only gain an insight into current research, but also enter into a discussion with the scientists about the social challenges of new technologies in order to contribute their own ideas, formulate concerns and hopes and question preconceptions. That’s why you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take part in events on this page – especially if you live in the Freiburg area.

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The brain is an irreplaceable, essential organ. Today it is considered the seat of cognition and sensation, speech, control of movement and breathing, and personality. However, its systematic study only began around 170 years ago. At the beginning of functional brain research, which went beyond purely anatomical descriptions, there were cases of people with brain injuries. The early neurologists recognized that such medical case descriptions could provide information about the functions of the brain: Patients showed different symptoms depending on which area of the brain was affected. However, further research only became possible when technologies made it possible to study the brain more closely in intact humans.

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From diagnostics
on the human-computer interface

Latest news

Round table on 15.2.2024 at 6 pm

How is something new created when art and science meet? This is what we, NEXUS Experiments, together with Philipp Schrögel of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg für Apokalyptische und Postapokalyptische Studien at the University of Heidelberg want to find out in conversation with the artists/scientists Danesh Ashouri and Wayne Götz. Come to the Co-Creation Room in the Old University (Bertoldstraße 17) from 6 pm! Admission is free.

Trailer for

“Data Wonderland.

An interactive festival with data, tamers and AI

On Friday, 30.06.2023, and Saturday, 01.07.2023, NEXUS Experiments organized an interactive festival on the campus airfield of the University of Freiburg with activities around data and artificial intelligence. With over 600 happy visitors, the festival was a complete success.

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