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Round table on 15.2.2024 at 6 pm

How is something new created when art and science meet? This is what we, NEXUS Experiments, together with Philipp Schrögel of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg für Apokalyptische und Postapokalyptische Studien at the University of Heidelberg want to find out in conversation with the artists/scientists Danesh Ashouri and Wayne Götz. Come to the Co-Creation Room in the Old University (Bertoldstraße 17) from 6 pm! Admission is free.


On Friday, 30.06.2023, and Saturday, 01.07.2023, NEXUS Experiments organized an interactive festival on the campus airfield of the University of Freiburg with activities around data and artificial intelligence. With over 600 happy visitors, the festival was a complete success.

Let’s go on a journey of discovery!

“Creating knowledge with diversity”

On 29. and November 30, 2023 the sixth Forum Citizen Science took place at the University of Freiburg.

Popup Lab Baden-Württemberg
Kick-off event Barcamp “Digitalization and sustainability for SMEs”

November 2023, Breisach

The 20th edition of the Bremen Dialogue Forum WISSENSWERTE October 25 – 27, 2023, Freiburg im Breisgau

EPICUR Citizen Science Seminar 05. – October 06, 2023 Odense, Denmark

Human-Robot Interaction “CEILing” on Baden TV Süd

From July 19 to 21, 2023, NEXUS Experiments offered hands-on research at POP UP INNOVATION in Freiburg’s city center.

MIND-ART-TECHNOLOGY, an interdisciplinary exhibition on neurotechnology and mental health

June 27 – July 17, 2023 at POP UP INNOVATION in Freiburg

“Robotic” street art in the Freiburg vacation pass

Trailer and exhibition launch: Street art meets artificial intelligence

Program for the exhibition Street Art meets Artificial Intelligence

Brain data and human-machine contrasts: Marc C. Woehr and Joschka Bödecker’s “Kunst am Bau” now hangs in the Freiburg University Library

Faces, hands and organic structures: Sare and Yukie Nagai’s painting on Merzhauserstrasse/Wipperstrasse is finished!

Pigeons and the black box: The mural by Innerfields and Philipp Kellmeyer is finished!

Innerfields and Philipp Kellmeyer: Wall 2 starts at the Neurocenter of the University Medical Center Freiburg

Workshop talk: artist Sare and computer scientist Yukie Nagai (University of Tokyo) (in English)

Timetable for streetcar discussions

Full program for 2019 with the project “Urban Wall Research: Street Art and Artificial Intelligence”

Next stop:
Artificial intelligence

When technology meets neuroscience

Urban mural research: street art and artificial intelligence

Video: Can you feel what it’s like to be older? Interviews from the “Self-Built” event

Reblog: “The natural is one of those things”

Review Self-Built: Drawing body images and borrowing gestures

#Selbstbuilt: Programm der Veranstaltung

Interview: Neuroscientist Olga Glanz researches how we repeat what we hear in our heads

Review: Café Scientifique 16
with Christian Leukel

Fancy art and neuro-research? Students can now take a course on the Nexus project “L’homme machine”!

Trusting robots: How can robots become good partners in care or rehabilitation?

How human-machine interfaces are shaking up traditional concepts of action – A reblog from uni’wissen

Review: Science WM/ Jam
Joschka Bödecker demonstrated the soccer skills of robots at the Bernstein Workshop

Intoxicating science

Review Café Scientifique No. 15: Fully networked –
Of brains, electricity and telephones

Brain Awareness Week 2018 – Part 2: Brain Quiz

Review #1: Brain Awareness Week 2018

An online exhibition, information about the brain, games and instructions to try it out yourself: The “Nexus Experiments” website is now online!

A new building for neurotechnology is being built in Freiburg: the IMBIT – with space for participative events!

Art and science at one table: Art&Science conference

Immortal in Freiburg 2: Conversation between Lisa Hermsdorf and Stefan Rotter

Pyramid cells in the starting block: neuroscientific principles of movement control

Shimon Peres Prize for Disruption/Hafraah

The researcher as comic hero: neurotechnologists have their lectures drawn

Immortal in Freiburg: Lecture by Oliver Müller at the Kunstverein Freiburg

Video from the BrainLinks-BrainTools Conference 2017

STEAM in the air: Special issue of the online magazine SciArt

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